Preventative Dentistry

We believe in the importance of preventative dentistry. Instead of facing disease when it arises, it’s always better to take necessary action ahead of time to keep your smile healthy. At Meares Dentistry, we offer many types of preventative dentistry techniques.

Preventative Dentistry includes:

  • Regular Cleaning and Checkups

Regular cleanings and check-ups help you protect your gums from gingivitis and periodontitis, which can be
serious. Having these services performed twice a year, for most patients, is a critical step to enjoying your
healthy smile for a lifetime.

  • Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride makes the outer shell of the teeth harder and more resistant to decay and erosion. We offer patients
in-office fluoride treatments for an extra level of protection, as well as a take-home prescription level
fluoride toothpaste.

  • Velscope

Meares Dentistry is pleased to offer patients the peace of mind of oral cancer screening using the Velscope
assessment system. This technology is the worldwide leader in the detection of oral tissue abnormalities.

  • Periodontal Treatment

Our periodontal treatment is a process that focuses on restoring your gum health. Periodontal treatment can
reverse the stages of gingivitis for healthy gums and teeth.

  • Aphthous Ulcers/Mouth Sore Treatment

If you have a sore that won’t go away, we offer treatment that helps heal sores quickly and painlessly. We offer
in-office low-level laser treatment to heal your mouth sore. The lasers are completely safe, painless, and

At Meares Dentistry, we care about the health of our patients and their smile. We keep up to date on new technology and treatments for preventative dentistry so we can ensure that you have the best care possible. To learn more about our preventative dentistry options, contact us today. 

Keep that smile perfect. Schedule your preventative care appointment today!