Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry, as the name suggests, consists of a variety of procedures that can restore your teeth to health, function, and beauty.


Crowns are used to create a protective covering for a structurally compromised tooth. Often used for broken, cracked, or root canal treated teeth, they restore your unhealthy tooth to function by providing strength, as well as being natural in appearance.


Cerec technology was developed to provide patients with the option of one-visit crown restorations. Utilizing digital imagery, Dr. Meares creates a virtual model of your oral structures, then uses that information to create computer-generated dental restorations that are milled by the CEREC milling machine while you wait. After milling, the restoration is characterized and fired in a kiln, resulting in a strong and natural looking solution. This is then bonded permanently to the tooth.

Tooth-colored Composite

When you suffer from a cavity, restoring the tooth’s health is our number one concern. However, we also understand the value of a healthy smile. That’s why we offer tooth-colored composite fillings to repair tooth decay. The filling we use will match the color of your tooth for a natural looking, beautiful smile. Tooth colored fillings can offer a great solution for teeth that are decayed but still have good structural integrity.

Root Canal treatment

An infected tooth can be a painful experience. While many people mistakenly think that this procedure is extremely painful it is actually the infected root that is causing you pain. If you are suffering from the pain of an infected tooth, oftentimes we are able to perform this treatment in our office. In complex cases, we may refer you to one of our valued specialists. In most cases, after a root canal, a crown is required to restore strength to the tooth.

Implant crown

Dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement option. At our office we offer beautiful, naturally looking implant crowns. We take the time to match the shade and shape of the surrounding teeth. The crown is the only visible part of a dental implant, so trust us to give your smile the dazzling crown you deserve.

Oral pain treatment

When you suffer from oral pain it can be a debilitating experience. Pain in the mouth often means there are underlying issues. We can treat oral problems but we also offer treatment that can ease your pain. Our dentists will thoroughly examine your oral structures to find the cause of the pain and treat it. For oral pain relief, trust us at Dr. Austin B. Meares’ practice!