We value our patients and appreciate them taking the time to give feedback regarding their experiences at our office.

Thomas A.
“He explains the treatment in a understandable way that helps me make a informed decision to go forward with treatment.”

Pamela L.
“Five star. How many people say they look forward to going to the dentist. Not many, but I truly do. GREAT STAFF.”

Vivian S.
“Dr. Meares works with great care, skill, and kindness.”

Thelma C.
“Dr. Meares and his staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and they take the time to explain everything. All of their equipment is top of the line.”

Judith M.
“All of the staff are friendly, kind, and caring. Dr. Meares is a wonderful dentist. He makes sure that I am comfortable and not in any pain. He does great work.”

Donna D.
“Had to have some work done and it was explained to me thoroughly until I understood it without me feeling like I was taking too much of his time which is very much appreciated!”

Marcus T.
“Working in a healthcare procedural area, we often use the term “Patients tell us it’s easier than going to the dentist” with our own patients. If those patients went to my dentist, we wouldn’t be able to use that line anymore! Dr. Meares and the rest of the staff are so wonderful. Always a great experience!”

Mary W.
“My phobia to dental care is essentially gone.”

Heather F.
“Michelle was very friendly and made sure that I was comfortable, making my visit go by easier and happier.”

Stephen A.
“In all my life, I have NEVER experienced better dental services, or a more friendly and caring dental staff. It is a great pleasure to be a new patient and under the care of a caring, competent, and compassionate dentist. Dr. Meares is by far the best dentist I have ever had, and I will highly recommend his and his staff’s services to my family and friends.”